BackersHundreds of dollars can be saved by building a PC instead of buy and pre-built machine, but the technical hurdles can make it hard to justify the initial investment.

This guide was designed with three complete formats (website, traditional book, and video series) in mind to alleviate this concern. Additionally, having access to the guide in different ways can be important while knee-deep in parts. Because searching through a video during a build can be quite a frustrating experience.

Access to the guide is currently $15 USD, and can be used to build a system to completion with the website and traditional book. If you are interested, please send an email to: support@pcbuildingcenter.com with the subject “BBP Support”.

There will be additional options to sign up in the future, but the current focus of the project is on refining the guide and finishing the complete video series.

Project funds are used in support of website fees, guide revisions, future topics, and technical support.